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Letter K for Klei - Brushs of Canadian artist Daniel Van Klei used in acrylic paintings on canvas of Maple trees, oak trees, Baobab tree commision for Cheryl Bernard Olympic silver medalist in Calgary alberta, Grape vinyard near Lake Ontario, commisions for hillebrand estate winery in Niagera on the lake Ontario canada, drawing of senator Yonah Martin in Speaker of the Senate office in parliament of Canada and various other paintings.
Van Klei Dan Painting,
Daniel Van Klei
Tiree commisssion Van Klei An Turas (gaelic - interprets as the Journey)
“An Turas”
(Gaelic –interprets as “The Journey” )
Acrylic on canvas
48” X 72” (Triptych)
All images and text copyright Daniel
Van Klei not to be used without
expressed permission.
Van Klei commisssion for Hillebrand Estates Winery, Peller family Harbour Gallery
""Through the Vine"
Acrylic, gold leaf on canvas
60" X 48"
Lake Ontario Vinyard - Van Klei Commission for wine cellar Toronto,  Harbour Gallery
"Lake Ontario through the Vineyard"
48" X 60"
Daniel Van Klei commission Rose and associates Ottawa Artmode
""Wheatfield Altocumulus"
30" X 60"
John Peller commision, Van Klei  painting installation at Hillebrand Estates Winery in Niagara on the lake, Ontario
Van Klei. Painting of Ellen Page on Bicycle with Cherry trees inspired by scene of actress in Vancouver while filming the movie JUNO
"Ellen with Cherry Trees"
48" X 72"
Artist Daniel van Klei, Quebec Commission Artmode Chelsea Quebec
"Four Sugar Maples"
48" X 72"
Cheryl Bernard, 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist,Womans Curling (team bernard) with commission painting in Calgary
48" X 48"
Cheryl Bernard,
2010 Olympic Silver Medalist    
Women's Curling
 Van Klei  2011 commission for Cheryl Bernard - 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist by Canadian visual artist Daniel Van Klei,
artist - Van Klei, The McNaughton Maple, 48
"The McNaughton Maple"
48" X 48"
"Through the Vine"
on site at Hillebrand Winery,  
"Peyto Lake"
30" X 120" (Triptych)
Peyto Lake, painting by Daniel Van Klei, This glacially fed, tourquoise coloured, lake is located in Banff National Park along the Icefield Parkway, British Columbia, Canada
Van Klei painting - Peyto Lake
Enlargement of Van Klei painting
"Peyto Lake"